Make your Android looks and feels like Iphone X Without Losing Data

Hey Guys whats up in this article i am going to talk you about the new iphone x which is officially launched by the apple. Guys you may searching for the iphone x. how to get iphone x for free? How to get iphone x ? Alright guys you are in the right website you guys can get the latest iphone x in your own smartphone without loosing any data and without paying money to anyone else. Guys everybody wants a apple brand electronics why do you know?

Apple have provided the best service to the world with best products. may be you guys haven’t tried apple products yet if you then you may know  how much the product is durable than the samsung and other brand. Not only that we all loves apple. It is also a say that those people who use iphone as a smartphone he is rich. Nowadays many people neglet the samsung products and when they here the iphone they stands and start talking about it. Most of the people in  india use the iphone becoz they use to love the phone.

Let’s stop the discussion and lets talk about the topic our topic is how we can get the iphone x looks in android right. Guys read the article carefully and you will able to modify your android phone. !Note : In this process you didn’t require root so don’t worry if your phone is rooted or not. 



xOS Launcher

xOS launcher is a launcher which gives you the full look of iphone x in your phone. Guys you must download this app and you can able to get the homescreen of iphone x. If you want some modification in it then you can  change the icons setting etc.


In order to download your file you need to follow all the steps provided below. If you won't follow the steps, you can't get your file.  
    1. Click on the Download button provided
    2. After you click on it ! You may redirect to a page. if you can't get your file tap below !!
    3. Hence, You have successfully downloaded you file enjoy ! ;p

Iphone X wallpaper

Wallpaper is a basic thing for the modification and customization. By clicking the link you will able to go to the website and from there you can download the iphone x wallpapers. All the wallpapers are full hd so you can download and apply in your android smartphone.

iNoty – iNotify OS 10

Iphone notication panel are awesome and we like the notification panel of ios rather than the samsung notfication panel right. guys if you don’t  like the samsung notification panel then you may download the app and setting up it to get the ios notification panel in your android smartphone.

Control Panel – Smart Toggle

Control panel is a panel from it we can able to access the shortcuts like  wifi, bluetooth from it. If you are a iOS user then you may know what actually it is or if you are a android user and didn’t know what it is then you may see the screenshots below. Download this app and setup it and get the iphone x control panel.


Cornerfly is a app from where you can get your phone rounded. Most of the android is of square pixel and the latest phones like samsung note 8, iphone x are of rounded pixel. so, in order to maintain the ratio of pixel this app will help to make your phone rounded shape.

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