android oreo : New Android Version 8.0 launched in USA

Android oreo : New Android Version 8.0 launched

android oreo
android oreo
android oreo
Android oreo

Hey Guys welcome to the site sy-sfzs. You guys may here through google. This is a official site launch for giving news updates and tutorials. In this article we are going to show you the newly launched android version which is 8.0 android oreo. All the patients have been finish now we can experience the new  oreo 8.0 on our android smartphone. I know that you guys may wondering about this android version. According to the company of the  oreo they have tell that this android version is too fast than the previous nougat 7.0 one. It will gives you the great experience.

Oreo is officially launched in google pixel phone and that phone is the first phone tested  oreo. Android oreo is now launched in some major countries like the USA, UK and later on we will get the new oreo on other country too.


In order to download your file you need to follow all the steps provided below. If you won't follow the steps, you can't get your file.  
    1. Click on the Download button provided
    2. After you click on it ! You may redirect to a page. if you can't get your file tap below !!
    3. Hence, You have successfully downloaded you file enjoy ! ;p


As, the owner of the android version the company have tell that the new oreo is great than the nougat due to its performance. The look of the android phone is totally enhanced.  You guys can see some of the screenshot given below.

android oreo
android oreo


Samsung is one of the ranked company. The product of samsung is sell worldwide. All the people of the world use to love samsung phones even iphone is better but also people are still using samsung phones. Samsung has decided to launch the new  oreo on the new phones like samsung galaxy note 8 which is launched in this year. After completing all test in android phone they may lauch the oreo on the samsung phones too. ! Keep waiting for  oreo if you have s7, s6, note 8.

android oreo

If you guys have any question regarding the  oreo then let us know and keep reading our latest article thanks. Guys see you in the next article.



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